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Our Story

We at Netra Health think that the best healthcare innovations come from teams of doctors, clinicians, scientists, engineers, economists, and industry experts working together. Our group united around a common goal: to use cutting-edge mobile technology to revolutionize the way people think about and interact with healthcare.

Netra Health, named after the Sanskrit word for "eyes" or "guide," was founded in 2014 with the intention of utilizing wearable technology and predictive analytics to improve health. Our mission is to enhance people's health and well-being by developing novel approaches to patient care that extend beyond conventional doctor's visits. Early on, we realized that healthcare should go beyond the doctor's office, and our team is committed to finding new ways to help patients reach their goals, whether it is to recover from an illness or train for a marathon.

As we expanded, we found ourselves in a position to help other healthcare startups accelerate by providing guidance, making connections with our network, and filling in gaps in product development or clinical strategy. Our own pre-IPO investments allowed us to network with other investors seeking entrance to promising startups on the ground floor. We decided to evolve Netra’s value proposition to fill this gap and stay true to our original mission.  We remain committed to driving healthcare innovation and creating a better future for people everywhere.

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