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Join the team

Netra Health's inclusive team works together to promote innovative solutions to health care problems. Join us on our journey of change, where concepts can be nurtured into reality and impact.  Whether you are an investor looking to invest in entrepreneurs driving change, a seasoned expert eager to drive impact by sharing your journey,  or an early stage entrepreneur at an inflection point, Netra Health's community provides an environment for action.  With a commitment to innovation, we provide the resources and support needed to drive disruption. Be a vital part of constructing a better tomorrow by joining us as we shape a future based on possibility and creativity.

For Investors

Netra Health extends a warm invitation to investors in search of introductions to entrepreneurs and their companies with the potential to transform industries and fuel innovation. We understand that investing in non-public companies and the due-dilgence process can be daunting.  At Netra Health, we alleviate these concerns by adhering to the belief that "rising tides raise all boats." Before we present you with opportunities, our expert team of business professionals and domain specialists conducts the preliminary deal diligence. What sets us apart is that we invest in all the opportunities we offer our clients. That is right, we are not just offering advice when it comes to investments; we will be making them right along with you. Your comfort and confidence are paramount to us. Partner with Netra Health, where knowledge and shared success will guide your investment journey.

For Healthcare Leaders

At Netra Health, we understand that personal fulfillment often stems from contributing in ways that align with your preferences. Your unique skills and insights have the power to shape the success of both Netra Health and its aspiring start-up partners. We firmly believe that everyone has something invaluable to offer. If you're ready to be part of our growing team, the timing and manner of your involvement are entirely up to you. Let your expertise make a lasting impact, knowing that your contribution will play a pivotal role in guiding the path to success. Join us today and help us build a brighter future together.

For Start-ups

Netra Health is excited to work with you as you pursue unrealized potential. Even the best ideas require a strong support network to be successful. We know there will be crucial requirements along the way, and we’ll do everything we can to use our expertise and connections to help you find solutions. Join our forward-thinking team to take advantage of the tools, support, and vibrant community we offer, helping you realize the success of your ideas. With Netra Health, realize your potential and reimagine what is possible in the field of entrepreneurship.

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