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For Experts

At Netra Health, our mission is to connect early-stage healthcare innovation with investors, advisors, and experts who share our passion for transformative impact. We strive to identify and support promising ventures that have the potential to bring about meaningful advancements in healthcare and support them with capital, guidance, and our network.

Founding and Pivot

Founded in 2014, Netra Health was originally envisioned to set out with the goal of develop algorithms and harnessing the power of wearable devices and predictive analytics for well-being. Along the way and as we got to meet the broader ecosystem, especially in North Texas, As we grew, we discovered Netra’s ability to provide guidance as well as our ability to mentor, identify and fill gaps for early-stage healthcare startups, helping them succeed. Additionally, as we shared the journey with our friends and colleagues, we met investors who desired access to these early-stage companies that we had built relationships with and had invested in personally. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between promising startups and passionate investors, Netra Health's value proposition evolved, adhering to our original vision statement.

Focus and Support

We acknowledge that healthcare is a multifaceted landscape. Therefore, we focus our investments on businesses that align with our expertise. Furthermore, we strive to foster inclusivity by evaluating underrepresented entrepreneurs, acknowledging the importance of leveling the playing field.


Our team comprises experts in clinical care, biomedical engineering, medical devices, regulatory affairs, and marketing. We've developed a proprietary and rigorously tested diligence process, encompassing 50 categories across 12 key areas. This in-depth evaluation involves understanding the problem, analyzing the competitive landscape, delving into the company's solutions, interviewing key personnel, and consulting opinion leaders within our network. Our comprehensive diligence process has led us to maintain a selective investment rate of 5%, ensuring that only the most promising opportunities make it through.

More than just an Investor

One of the unique aspects of Netra Health is that any company aside from investing, many companies value our experience and strategic advice and offer us an advisory role, further reducing risk for our investors as we actively contribute to the success of these startups.

Our Strategy

Netra Health is dedicated to partnering with startup companies positioned within a promising "sweet zone." This strategic phase signifies a pivotal juncture where these ventures have advanced beyond mere conceptualization (e.g., possessing prototypes and preliminary data), and they stand at the threshold of generating substantial revenue. Our distinctive approach empowers us to harness our extensive expertise in shaping effective company strategies during these critical growth phases. By aligning with startups at this strategic inflection point, we ensure that our investors derive optimal value from their investments.

Reciprocal Value

“Netra Health truly understands the needs and challenges of early-stage healthcare startups. Their investment approach is not just about financial backing but also about providing comprehensive support and industry expertise. We have especially appreciated their input on hospital and clinic operations, clinical study design strategies, and the overall reimbursement process. It's been a pleasure partnering with them on our mission to improve healthcare outcomes."
- Daniel Powell, CEO, Spark Biomedical 

Map in Grass

The Team

As Netra Health continues to flourish, we recognize that our success is a direct outcome of the remarkable synergy within our expansive network, encompassing over 100 healthcare specialties, sectors, and executive leadership roles from around the world.

Strategic Partner

“Netra Health has been a value-add investor from day one. Manan and Puneet immediately opened up their networks with other investors, customers, researchers, and partners. They regularly dig into strategy.  With their respective background, we get unique insights and feedback on our go-to-market strategy (e.g. on things like pricing, distribution, and more.) I can't speak highly enough about having Netra Health as an investor and partner.”
- Quin Sadler, CEO, Plantiga

The Need

To further amplify our impact and strengthen our commitment to driving healthcare innovation, we are actively seeking additional experts to join our exceptional team. Your unique insights and experience can play a pivotal role in guiding the trajectory of early-stage healthcare startups, helping them navigate the complexities of their growth journey. By uniting your expertise with our diverse network, we can collectively elevate the transformative potential of healthcare innovation and collectively shape a brighter future.

Shared Vision

We believe that investing in healthcare innovation holds the potential for profound and positive impacts on people's lives while being financially rewarding.  If you share our vision and would like to explore investment opportunities with Netra Health, we would be delighted to connect with you further.

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